2023.0114.(Sat). Celebration of Joanne Lawson’s life

Joanne was managing the New York Coral Society as Executive VP when I was singing with them as a member from 2011 to 2016 and passed away on January 5. I knew her when I joined their trips as a guest of Shoko Noguchi in 2006 to Venice, 2008 to Beijing, 2010 to Mexico. Then I joined as a member in 2011 and went trips to Sicilia in 2012 and Central Europe in 2014. She was very helpful and thoughtful. I do not remember well where and when we sang in New York but remember well when and where we sang on these trips. She was always a part of my memory.
Our assembly time for today’s service at the First Presbyterian Church of Branchville, New Jersey was 10 and rehearsal started like 10:25 for the Peter Lutkin Benediction to be sung by members of NYCS and the church choir. The celebration started at 11:00 and went very simply. I was not able to hear the announcement at the end and missed the burial. Met with Shoko Nuguchi and stayed with her at the parish hall until the burial ended.
Met with many old friends and to my surprise, many people (at least 5 including Ruth Kaplan) saw Facebook of my pilgrimage and expressed their enjoyment of my write-ups and pictures.
(picture from FB, Joanne with Jack Goodwin. I believe this was taken during the trip in Mexico.)

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