2023.0201.(Wed) Primary physician

Finally, be able to speak with my new primary physician today. His name is Dr. Alexander Biener of Woodcliff Lake.
He was referred by my current physician, Dr. Robert Wehmann who is retiring. I had a difficult time to get through Dr. Biener’s receptionist who was not enthusiastic for me to become a new patient. She said Dr. Biener was not taking new patient and even if he did, the earliest appointment would be the end of March. Therefore, I was looking for alternatives. Kayoko’s dentist referred me a doctor and discovered he was not taking a new patient. I asked a friend of mine and got reference. I called his office but the receptionist obviously did not want me to be the patient and referred 3 names. I called them and found out the 1 st one was very nice but 75 years old, 2nd one was 79 years old and the last one was a female doctor.
So I asked Dr. Biener’s receptionist if he knew I was referred by Dr. Wehmann. She reluctantly said she would ask Dr. Biener if he was willing to take me as a new patient.
Finally, Dr. Biener’s office called me and gave me an opportunity to become his patient.
So, I leaned receptionists think they are taking doctor’s side without speaking to him and not the patients’. And to find good doctor is not very easy.

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