On going litigation
On March 23, received a registered mail return receipt requested. It was a summons and complaint by a plaintiff, a driver of traffic accident in April last year. My insurance company paid me and I thought that was end of the story. However, according to my insurance agent, the insurance company ignored claim by the other driver, which I did not know until now. The Insurance company now assigned a lawyer and I have to deal with them.

On going project: Presentation at Ikuei Gakuen
Sometime ago, I was asked by Ikuen Gakuen to make presentation regarding my pilgrimage last year. The date was set on 4/12(Wed). I have been reviewing my pictures and PowerPoint slides and completed the review this week.

3/31(金)国連大使公邸での写真と礼状 (アップロードできず、Tryしていますが、よくわからず、困っています。)

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