2022.0713. (Wed).Laccomande

I have walked city street enough on Monday and decided to drive out to suburbs. Took taxi to the church in Artiguelouve. Met with a cyclist from Netherland who started from Saint Jean Pied de Port. Just before he started, he was suffered by Covid and he had to change plan because he felt weak.
It was around 10am when I started and followed Camino all the way to Laccomande arriving just before 2 pm. I visited the church and made a call to Chamber de Hotes in Monein, about 4 km away. Pick up arrived shortly and found out baggage had not arrived. Made usual routine and baggage arrived 1.5 hours later.
The view of the Pyrenees from the Chamber was excellent although it was little far. Dinner was prepared by the innkeeper. Many guests arrived to celebrate French independence day and having party until late.


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