2022.0528(Sat) Flying out

The day has come. Tha day I fly out to Paris. Bcause my daughter Naoko and her husband Barry will join me to walk togetsher with me during 8/31 – 9/8 and they are coming back to Philadelpia, I am flying out from Philly to fly back together with them. I drove an hour and a half to their place ner Priceton during the rainstorm. There wes a surrise. Family of my daughter’s sister, Ikuko was there! We had a good time talking about Camino and new girl which Ikuko is expeting in September.
As Ikuko’s family goes home, Barry and Naoko drove me to Philly Ariapprt. Naoko helped me to chack in. Everuthing went OK and plane took off half an hour late. The plane was 787 and was full. I think I fell in asleep while watching a movie.


Barry and Naoko’s house near Princeton, NJ

Flying out

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