0604(Sun) Went to a concert where Ms. Sophie sang at 77th st. and West End Ave. A small orchestra of 10 was good.

0605(Mon) Edited a book with editor in the morning. Went to PT in the afternoon.

0606(Tue) Nippon Club Chorus rehearsal. On the way home, could not see Manhattan from the exit of Lincoln Tunnel in NJ due to smoke of forest fire in Canada.

0607(Wed) Went on hiking with Matsumoto and Tom Watanabe (from LAX) to Norvin State Forest. The smoke from Canadian fire was so thick that we only could see about a mile.

0608(Thu) Seeds arrived

0609(Fri)Fuki harvesting

0610(Sat) Hanamizuki Concert at Harrison Public Library.

A beautiful performance of women’s chorus in Westchester County, “Hanamizuki” (means Dogwood) on June 10. Was very impressive.


2023/06/09 Weekly Catch

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