2022.0619.(Sun) Boissezon

Left Angles 10 to 9 and follow Camino Trail. Since yesterday, heat wave has been eased. The trail went up and down and arrived Bouisset. Met with 3 hikers heading to Lodeve. This means trail markers are marked not only for west bound but for east bound also. This may become a problem later. The trail should show substantial descent but did not until 472m. Suddenly, it went down to the village of Boissezon at altitude of 279m. This was hot and rocky trail but finally arrived at the inn at 4:30 when the innkeeper called WTC to tell Harry just arrived.
The inn had another guest from Quebec, Canada. She appeared good in French but had a little difficulty in English. However, She tried to help me to communicate with the innkeeper, who was a middle aged French woman.
I found a harp and some music books in innkeeper’s kitchen where we had home made dinner. To my surprise, she was classic Choral singer. And we discussed Bach, Handel, Haydn, Vivaldi, Fuare, Pulanc, Beethoven, Brahms, Bruckner and so on. I have explained the Oratorio Society and the Carnegie Hall, showed my picture of May 9th performance and they were very impressed.

Aangles の標高は753mで19㎞の間でゆるゆると300mぐらい下ってきました。ところがFontageという472mの集落から急に1㎞の間に200m、勾配20%という急坂になり、標高279mのBoisesson の村に着きました。4:30到着でしたが、その時宿主は、旅行社に私が着いたと報告していました。
女将が夕食を作ってくれました。ほかにもう一人、French Canadianの女性がいまして、私と女将の通訳をしてくれました。夕食時、ハープと楽譜があるので、女将に聞いてみたら、彼女はなんとクラシック合唱を歌うそうで、こんな山奥にも同好の士がいることに驚きました。Bach, Handel, Haydn, Vivaldi, Fuare, Pulanc, Beethoven, Brahms, Brucknerなどについて、二人で片っ端から棚卸をして楽しみました。私が5/9にカーネギーホールでメンデルソンのエリアを歌ってきたところだと写真を見せたら驚いて、いたく感心していました。

Downhill near Peyrarque Basse

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