2022.0705.(Tue) L’Isle de Noe

Got up feeling fine and wondered if I could walk 23km. But, to be on safe side, decided to take taxi as contemplated yesterday. Started to walk of 6.4km from Barran. There was an ancient gate to enter the town and seemed to have surrounded by wall and moat.
The Camino trail took me to some hilltop as usual but view was not very impressive. The place to stay was where I stayed 9 years ago. It was not clean then and it obviously got worse. The inn-keeper said the owner is in England.
I had dinner at the inn with a gentleman from Argentina(66) who started Arles on June 10. He caught me up here today. He walks 30km/day. The inn-keeper told me Jean Pierre(57), stayed with me at Montegut, stayed this inn 2 days ago. Jean Pierre also walks 30km. So did I 9years ago. God to be young.


Village of Barran

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