0709(Sun) Heavy rain from evening to night. Amount was 78mm.

0710(Mon) Bright sunshine.

Manhattan from Crest Rd.


0711(Tue) Hot day. Three new member came to the rehearsal, Soprano, Tenor and Base.

0712(Wed) Hot day. Took our dog to haircut. Planted cucumber 3rd time. Built sunscreen for sansho plants so that sun does not beat them. Found a bee nest beside our driveway.

0713(Thu) Hot day. Bergen County should call us but did not. Went to my haircut. Visited Mitsuwa store. Bought a microwave oven at the Best Buy, which did not work and revisited for exchange. Made sure it worked at the store.

0714(Fri) Will have telephone conference at 9am on Tuesday, next week.

0715(Sat)Rainy day. Tried to clean up basement and dining room. Dug iris out and sashiki of dogwood.

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