0716(Sun)There was a gift of pastry from Mina.

0717(Mon)The first sunny day in many days. Was not too hot. Studied London music at the piano.

0718(Tue)Car accident in early afternoon. Kayoko  parked the car on Cottage Place and left the car. She was playing bridge games inside of the church,  Unitarian Society of Ridgewood on Cottage Place and a police officer came in and told the driver about the crash. The driver was not present at the crash scene when it happened.  It was a unilateral collision by the other driver to a parked car. 

In the evening, went to the Weil Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall for the concert by Iwao Furusawa, (古澤巌)a renowned violinist in Japan. Accompanist was Kenji Kaneyasu at piano. I thought he was playing Stradivari but was not. It was an instrument made in 2004 by some Italian. He said it was almost impossible to take a Stradivari out of Japan.

0719(Wed)Discussed the accident with Kadota Insurance.


0721(Fri)Site inspection with Bergen County, Mina, Asami, Mako at Overpeck.

0722(Sat)BBQ at Naoko and Barry’s place.

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