2022.07.16.(Sat) Sarrance-Accous12.5km 7.8miles

2022.07.16.(Sat) Sarrance-Acous12.5km 7.8miles
I only have 12.5 km to walk to Accous and did not take train. Visited the Church and start walking with 9 bells. I walked on the car road and where it meet the Camino, I was going to take it. Just before entering the Camino trail, a car stopped, and a woman got off. She bowed and said “Konnnichiwa” in proper Japanese pronunciation. If it were a few minutes later, I was on the Camino trail, and she never saw me. She said she noticed me as Japanese because of my Henro Hat. In any event, her name was Miho and she could come to my hotel in Accous tonight to talk more. This certainly is “Camino Magic.”
Walking on the Camino was not as bad as yesterday and soon arrived to Bedous, terminal of the French train service. The railroad itself still goes up beyond Urudos which I traced and took photos of them. When arrived Bedous, it was just before noon and tried to find a place to eat. The town people said there was a restaurant, and they gave me their own direction. I followed them but unable to find. A bar was open in front of the Church, and I ate my sandwich there.
To arrive at Accous, it was better not to take the Camino because the hotel was distant from it.
It was hot one hour to walk 4km on the straight car road with no shade. The hotel was supposed to be a good hotel but there was no air conditioner.
Before the dinner, Ms. Miho Nakamura came and stayed for an hour to talk. Asked many questions regarding the trail to Col du Somport and I felt very lucky to be able to study the trail before climbing. She had appointment this evening and made a new date for next evening with her husband at Urudos. The owner of the hotel I would stay in Urdos was her next-door neighbor.
Miho had to go for her appointment, and I started having dinner by myself. The next table, a couple was sitting. He said he was the owner of a bar in Borce and invited me for lunch the next day. I accepted.

とりあえず、お名前、「みほ」さんとお聞きして、今夕の宿、AccousのHotel Permayouに来ていただくことにしました。

/Good trail

Looking toward Col du Somport from Bedous area


This rail has been connected with Spanish side since 1928. Due to an accident in 1970, they suspended operation between Bedous, France and Canfranc, Spain for the time being. It is hoped to be re-opened soon. 左奥フランス国鉄SNCFの現在の終点、Bedous. 1928年以来、汽車のレールは峠をトンネルで超えて、スペインのCanfrancと繋がっている。貨物列車の事故があり、1970年以来運休しているが、早期の再開が期待される。

Strait hot 4km from Bedous to Accous


Usually, there was a cross at the division of the road

/Hotel in Accous


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