2022.1006.(Thu) Air Group

at 2:20 pm, a guy came with Air Group truck to repair the ball shape device on heater and quotation had been made VERBALLY to Kayoko when they came last week as $345. The young guy came today did not ware overshoes. Did not have head lamp knowing he needed both hands in the basement which was dark. He started to work and declared a faucet was broken and needed to replace. Verbal quotation was $100.
About one hour, he finished the work and demanded for payment of $508 shown on his cell phone. I asked for invoice before payment. He said that was not possible because invoice would be provided by e-mail after the payment. I said that was not normal business practice. He insisted the way he said.
So, I paid by check for $508. He cashed it electronically. Then he asked me to sign on work order. I said it was reverse. First, there should be work order and must be accepted by the owner. Then work begin and finish. Then invoice should be presented. and then payment. Air Group just did it in reverse order.
First, demanded and received payment. then forced to sign me work order. Invoice has not been presented as of yet. There is something wrong with this company, Air Group. They are out of normal business practice and insists the way they want.
Invoice was not made available before end of the day.

Went to OSNY rehearsal without reading an email from Saiki-san. Went by train and came back by bus. Did not stay for party after annual meeting.

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