2022.1113.(Sun). Manhattan

After taking leave from Oratorio’s rehearsal, it was the first time to be in Manhattan. At just after the noon, went to Central Park to join Awa-Odori rehearsal, Organized by Yuko Hamada. I played a small drum instead of usual bell which was not brought by Yuko. Saiki san was among the dancers. It was cold after residual of the Hurricane had gone east. After the Awa Odori, I had to kill 3 hours or so before JCH concert. I had lunch at 67th and Columbus and sat down at the public space on Broadway and 69th. The concert was at the Good Shepard-Faith Presbyterian Church, 152 W. 66th and Columbus, hosted by JCH and Circle Wind. Met many old friends. Yuko and her husband, Mr. Okamoto of Ikuei Gakuen, Nagai san also came.

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