2022.1112. (Sat). Hiking to the Diamond Mountain.

2022.1112. (Sat).
It was a hiking day. 8 of us headed to the Diamond Mountain in Harriman. The day before and earlier in the morning, a tropical depression subsequent to the Hurricane Nicole dropped a significant amount of rain in the area. At 10 a.m., we gathered at the trail head when rain just ended but sky was still gray. Nonetheless, we departed. The bridge on the Yellow Trail was lost and we had to divert our planned course. Arrive at the Diamond Mountain in 2 hours and had a good view including Manhattan Skyline. Came down to the Pine Meadow Lake and had a lunch. Tanaka san brought utensil to boil water and some had coffee and some had hot water. Came down pretty fast and stopped at Rodeo’s in Sloatsburg. These 8 members were; IIjima, Matsumoto, Tanaka, Nagai, Ochiai, Suzuki, Matsushima and me.

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10 months ago

It was a nice hiking!