2020.0626.(Sun) Montgiscard

Interesting day after all.
Took taxi to Villenouvlle originally planned to take train. Switched to taxi because it was drizzling and the train service was not early enough on Sunday morning. The taxi driver was the one who recovered my luggage yesterday. Start walking from Villenouvelle. As usual, the trail climbed up and offered nice panoramic view on the ridge. Passed nice town of Bazieze and the trail was along the Canal which was beautiful.
Arrived at the inn and the innkeeper did not speak even one word of English. She used translation function of iPhone. I was going to take taxi initial part of tomorrow morning but the innkeeper challenged and suggested to walk all the way to Toulouse. I decided to try.
Went out for dinner. First, I went north as told by the innkeeper but hit a city limit. I thought I might have misunderstood what the innkeeper said and turned around to go south. I saw a couple coming this way and asked if they knew any restaurant. They spoke English and knew the restaurant. So, I asked their permission to follow. They and another couple came from UK to cruse the Canal with a boat. 5 of us were sitting on the same table, David and Sue, Jim and Josephine and me. We talked about so many topics and the conversation was so much fun. Especially, my plan to walk all the way to Santiago at this age could be core of their interest and secondary, my background at Sharp. They refused to let me share the dinner cost! Moreover, found a ride to go back. What a treat! Merci boucout!

20kmを超えるので、汽車に一駅乗るつもりだった。ところが時刻を調べると、日曜日は10時過ぎが一番列車なのでお話にならない。仕方なくタクシーでVillenouvelleまで行き、歩き出す。空は曇りで時々霧雨が降る。ヒマワリがほぼ満開であるが、晴れていないのが残念。Eglise Saint Colombeを通過。Baziegeの村を抜けるとほどなくミディ運河に会い、土手の道を行く。とても美しい。宿に着く。宿の女将は全然英語を話さないで、iPhoneのGoogle translateに頼っている。ここからToulouseまで何キロあるのかという質問には答えない。知らないのだろう。食事は近所のレストランでしろというので、出かけた。村はずれの標識までいったが、ない。諦めて村の方に戻ると、二人ほどこちらに向かってくる。その人たちはレストランを知っていて、今予約したところだというので、連れて行ってもらう。村はずれをさらに行ったところだった。二人と思ったが後から二人きて、UKから来た2カップルと判明。Midi運河をクルーズしているという優雅なご趣味の人たちだった。彼らは私の年齢に驚き、職歴に驚き、今回の1600㎞のカミノに驚き、私の話にとても興味を示した。最後には、割り勘もさせてくれず、彼らがご馳走してくれた。さらに、車を呼んで宿所まで送ってくれた。

/Canal de Midi between Baziege and Montgiscard

/Dinner with 2 English couples

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Jo Judges
Jo Judges
1 year ago

Harry, it was a pleasure to meet you and learn about your quest and life, we will follow your blog with interest. We were also grateful to the kind waiter for giving us a ride 👍 good luck with your formidable journey.

Kazuyuki Matsumoto
3 months ago
Reply to  Jo Judges

Hi, Joe Judges,
Hope your guys are well. Thanks for dinner one year ago.
Please take a look at the Facebook, Harry Nishitani. I am uploading daily record of El Camino, both English and Japanese. Today is June 26, 2023 and Facebook shows the record of June 26, 2022. I continued this since I started Arles on June 1, 2022. So, Please take a look at Facebook everyday since June 1, this year. I intend to continue this practice until Sept. 10, this year, one year anniversary of arriving in Santigo.
Please be well and Ciao, Harry

1 year ago

写真、アップできるじゃないですか! やればできるじゃないですか、おじいちゃん!!!