2022.0726.(Tue) Monreal

Sanguesa and Monreal is 26km apart and there was no way for me to walk in one day. Had Taxi drop me off at Izco. Met Duch couple, Ton and Marga jest came into Izco. They had take a bus to find a place to stay last night.
I left Izco and walking alone. Next village was Abinzano and met with a couple from Italy. While we were talking in Italian, a German guy and Spanish guy joined. 5 of us jointly left the village and walking together. This is my first experience in this camino to walk with someone else. As we go along, we discussed many things and took pictures. The Italian couple became faster and German guy was 2nd. I and Spanish guy became the last. He said he would walk with me today and I was very happy to find someone who can walk with me. He was not able to speak English very well but it was nice to have someone could walk with me.
We arrived Monreal and went to their place of stay for the night.


walking the foot of Monreal

At the Bar

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